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 Great short horror story author! She does a great job at writing in the present tense, which many authors struggle with. Keeps her stories very intriguing!--Author S.F. Barkley- of Patch Lane
A fantastic author whose stories will chill you to your bones. As a single father, “never stop at roadside memorials” really got into my head and I could easily empathize with the main character. Give her a read!--Author E.S. Pope- Of The A Cure For Chaos Anthology
 Bold and unnerving in the best possible way. No matter which of her stories you pick up first, be prepared for a dark and wild ride!--Author Micah Edwards-of Fright Bites and Retroactivity 
She is an amazing horror author. The Ice-olation stories tapped into a fear of claustrophobia I didn't even know I had. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time!---Author J.M Smith- of The Daughters of Darkness Anthology
Amazing author! Truly underrated, I'm privileged to have found her before she becomes World famous!-- Author J. Farrington --of the Chernobyl Trilogy, Hell's Basement Trilogy, and The Horrors of World War 1 Series



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